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Зеркало Magic Mirror

One version one focus, and make it great

Introducing Magic Mirror 3

Defining a new perspective to Sketch plugins. "Introducing Magic Mirror 3" is published by James Tang in MagicSketch Blog

Using Magic Mirror 3

Brief walkthrough on the features. "Using Magic Mirror 3" is published by James Tang in MagicSketch Blog

Magic Mirror 3 Private Beta

We've carefully identified and bring over every critical to the new version, along with from the group up revamp over our UI and UX: Magic Mirror 3 is currently in private beta, if you're interested.

Supporting Corner Radius in Magic Mirror 3

Sketch Plugin Development Series Signup for Magic Mirror 3 Private Beta! One request from Magic Mirror 2 users are the feature to support shapes contains corner radius. Consider following example: Background: The basic requirement of making a perspective transform of an image is to have exactly 4 coordinates of the shape determined, so I know what shape it's for the image to transformed to.

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